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Anonymous asked:

so if you had it your way, how would you have doctors and parents treat subject of a child's sex when they are born?


Children would not be assigned a sex when they were born. Doctors would take note of a child’s vitals and physiology but make no further assumptions unless actually doing tests and then those assumptions would be proven wrong or right.

No surgery done on infant genitals to conform to anything, only surgery that should be done on infants is life saving surgery.

A child would be given the option to pick out whatever gender fit, parents would talk to their children about what’s out there. A child could switch around, try on different genders as they grew and eventually they’d find the right one for them (some possibly finding it even in adulthood)

Everyone would benefit. Except for transmisogynist, anti-intersex medical industrial complex capitalists. They would suffer. But that’s good. We should destroy them anyways

10 Financial Commandments for Your 20s



1) Develop a marketable skill

2) Establish a budget

3) Get insured

4) Make a debt-repayment plan

5) Build an emergency fund

6) Start saving for retirement

7) Build up your credit history

8) Quit the Bank of Mom and Dad

9) Clean up your online presence

10) Get your key financial documents in order

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Interesting article. What do y’all think?

- Mike



How people can understand why a pudgy white guy with a minimum wage job might want to escape to a world where he doesn’t have to deal with the mundane, but they can’t understand why a black person might want to escape to a world where they’re a human being.  We can understand why you don’t want to be a cashier in the land of Thedas, but you can’t understand why we don’t want to be a servant, backwards freak, or a slave in the same universe?  

There it is.


Anonymous asked:

Petition to make love triangles actual triangles where all characters involved have feelings for the other characters 1. that means automatic queerness in every love triangle since it could be any combo of genders and there would be at least 2 bi/pan/poly characters or just all of them queer 2. Polyamourous love triangle solutions are the best 3. It is now geometrically correct since it would just be a love angle instead of a true triangle without this new addition.



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